IK Multimedia’s Syntronik and Syntronik CS apps for iPhone and iPad now offer the five new synths from the Syntronik Deluxe Mac/PC collection, by popular request. 

Users of the Syntronik app — or the new CS free version — can enjoy the additional synths, which are being offered as in-app purchases either individually, or as a set. The update offers 450 new instrument presets for five new synths: Memory-V, SH-V, M-Poly, VCF3, and Modulum.

Synth fans can try Syntronik for iOS-free. The new Syntronik CS iOS is a light version of Syntronik that includes a sampling of selected instrument presets from various synth models. With this app, users can start experimenting and playing with parts, multis, effects and arpeggiators.

Each version of the app can be upgraded, and individual models (or all of them together) can be purchased at any time via the in-app shop. The Syntronik app is available to download from the App Store for $€9.99 and includes presets from the 17 synths found in the original Syntronik Mac/PC version.

Syntronik CS is available for free download and includes a smaller selection of presets covering the most popular synths from Syntronik. Both versions can be expanded via in-app purchases.

Individual synths may also be purchased in either version of the app for #9.99 each. Go to www.ikmultimedia.com/products/syntronikios for more info.