Miln has launched Beyond for Mac (, a new web server for macOS that makes it easy to run a web server on macOS 10.13 or higher, according to Graham Miln. Every Beyond document is a web server. 

Opening and closing a document starts and stops a web server. As a true Mac app, Beyond is built around a modern document based architecture. Beyond supports AppleScript, Automator, drag and drop, undo and redo, and more.

Miln offers a pay-for Beyond Membership. Membership expands the technical options available within the application. These options include control over the local TCP/IP port, the mapped port via NAT/UPnP, and passphrase protection to secure the served site.

Membership also includes use of Miln’s reachability and domain name service. Running Beyond on a Mac is enough to serve computers on the same network. Reaching a wider audience, those on the Internet, requires help from outside of the local network.

A Beyond Membership is required to access advanced options, use the reachability service, and be automatically assigned a domain name. The cost is $16.99 for one year, or $6.99 for three months. Beyond Membership doesn’t auto-renew. Access to the options and services ends when the membership period ends.