Qoppa Software has announces PDF Automation Server 3 (http://www.qoppa.com/pas/index.html) with enhancements for Word-to-PDF conversion, Word-to-images conversion, Word file printing, improved performance and memory management, user interface enhancements, and improved PDF preflight.

This multi-platform workflow server product automates the receiving, processing, and routing of multiple types of files on all Java enabled server platforms. PAS accepts incoming files of multiple types from local and network folders, email, or FTP servers. It then performs a wide range of manipulations, based on preset criteria. Once changed, both the original files and the output files can be routed to a range of destinations.

PDF Automation Server is entirely based on Qoppa Software proprietary PDF technology. It’s a reliable and affordable system to automate PDF workflows that works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX) and any other Java-enabled platform. Contact Qoppa Software for pricing options.