NICKENICH, Germany (March 15, 2006) — Monkeybread Software releases a few
of their popular freeware applications in new versions:

Global Hotkey 1.3
Classic Control Menu 1.1
iTunes and Screensavers 1.2

Global Hotkey is a utility which monitors key stroke combinations looking
for specific combinations that will launch applications, run scripts, or
copy data to the clipboard.

Classic Control Menu is an utility to add a menu to the menubar to control
the Mac OS Classic environment of Mac OS X 10.2.

iTunes and Screensavers is an utility to pause iTunes music playback while
the screensaver is running.

All three applications are made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

Requires Mac OS X; source code is included.

The applications are freeware, but contributions are accepted through PayPal.

The new releases fix problems with Script Debugger from

All freeware applications: