Sheep Systems ( has published version 2.7 of its bookmarks managers: BookMacster ($22.95), Synkmark ($16.95), Markster ($16.95), and Smarky ($11.95). They require macOS 10.10 or higher, and demos are available for download.

These native Mac apps offer additional manual management tools not found in web apps: sorting alphabetically, finding and eliminating duplicates, find, search and replace, removing URL “cruft,” changing insecure bookmarks to https://, and verifying that bookmarks still work.

The main change in version 2.7 is elimination of the Selection menu, moving its items into the Edit menu, and adding missing actions to it. Krinock continues, “Contextual menus, which are accessed by performing a secondary click (most people hold down the ‘control’ key) on a target item, should offer the same actions available in the main Edit menu. However, many apps challenge users’ muscle memory because there are some actions available in the main Edit menu but not in the contextual menu, and others vice versa. Version 2.7 purportedly gets that right in the Sheep Systems’ apps. Users get the same actions whether they hit the main Edit menu, or the contextual menu.