Mixcder’s (www.mixcder.com) E7 headphones boast ANC (active noise cancelling) tech and are crafted with an easy-to-carry design. They’re designed to appeal to travelers and commuters who don’t want to be disturbed by any external noise. This portable noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones is available at amazon.com for $49.99.

ANC technology can not only isolate noise physically, but also blocks out noise by smart and active technology. When the headphones detect an incoming noise, a digital signal processor (DSP) analyses the sound waves and creates inverse waves to cancel out the ambient sound. To activate the ANC function, users simply switch on the ANC button on the left ear cup.

The E7 is equipped with 40mm drivers and CSR Bluetooth, delivering clean and clear sound quality with deep bass. It features buttons and a microphone to allow for wireless control of music and hands-free phone calls. The ear cups have soft foam covered by soft pseudo leather; an extendable arm makes it adjustable to fit most heads.  T

The battery on the Mixcder E7 allows users to play music or make phone calls for around 20 hours. When the battery runs out, users can plug in included 3.5mm audio cable to connect the headphone to their smart phone or MP3 player.