Thinklogical’s TLX24 ( is a compact, high performance, non-blocking, 24-port matrix switch for complete, end-to-end routing of video and computer peripheral signals. The 1RU matrix is available with fiber-optic, CATx and hybrid connectivity options, and may be configured as a unidirectional 24×24 or a bidirectional 12×12 switch.

TLX Matrix Switches are high performance, modular, non-blocking switches for complete, end-to-end switching of video, audio and peripheral signals over multi-mode or single mode fiber optic cable or CATx cable. TLX switches are protocol agnostic, supporting numerous video, audio and peripheral signals, allowing users to consolidate all of their system switching requirements in a single chassis.

The TLX48 is ideal for smaller system applications, scalable from 16 to 48 ports. Each port supports 10Gbps bandwidth, preserving signal integrity to provide uncompressed, high resolution video with no artifacts, latency or lost frames.

The TLX24 delivers a 100% uncompressed, 10Gbps signal path with the lowest signal latency in the industry. When combined with TLX extenders, the TLX24 offers precise pixel-for-pixel transmission and switching of UHD, HDR and 4K DCI resolution video — up to 4096 x 2160 resolution, 60Hz frame rate, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and 30-bit per pixel color depth — with no visual artifacts, jitter or lost frames, and with instantaneous computer peripheral (keyboard, mouse, trackball, etc.) responsiveness.

TLX24 incorporates a push-button front panel interface for simplified access and control, and its small form factor chassis is ideal for space-constrained applications such as broadcast control rooms, post-production suites and O.B. mobile production trucks.

With a protocol-agnostic architecture, virtually any signal — regardless of type or standard — can be switched through the TLX24, and any port on the matrix can be quickly configured to accommodate any signal format or direction, in or out. It’s easy to change any port on the TLX24 to be video or audio or machine-or-tablet control.