(CA-OPENOSX) OpenOSX Office 1.0 Pre 1, Now Shipping

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–Jan. 11, 2001– OpenOSX.com, a
leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today
began shipping their Office 1.0 Pre 1 CD at the Macworld Expo, San

AbiWord is an award-winning open source alternative to Microsoft Word.
Gnumeric is a world-class spreadsheet with 95 percent of the functions of
Microsoft Excel built-in. Guppi is a dynamic charting, drawing and graphing
application integrated into Gnumeric spreadsheets. Gimp is The GNU Image
Manipulation Program, a popular graphics editor often compared to Adobe

OpenOSX’s Office 1.0 Pre 1 CD will install this suite of powerful and
flexible tools for Macintosh Operating System, Mac OS X, with ease. The
Office CD is shipping immediately and is available at the San Francisco
2002 Macworld Expo. The new version adds improved stability, performance
and native Print Center support among other improvements.

OpenOSX has a digital Screenshot Gallery of their Office product in action,
on the World Wide Web available for viewing, printing or broadcasting at:

The OpenOSX Office 1.0 Pre 1 CD is available for 30 U.S. dollars. Six month
CD-subscriptions are available for 80 U.S. dollars. Patrons of the 1.0 Pre
1 CD may upgrade to the 1.0 final version (when shipping) for 10 U.S.
dollars. Visitors of the Macworld Expo 2002, San Francisco, will receive
may purchase Gimp bundled for $39 U.S. dollars.

OpenOSX.com is a company dedicated to serving the Macintosh community. The
CEO of OpenOSX, Jeshua Lacock said “Our Office CD is a by-product of Mac OS
X’s versatility, flexibility and power . Mac OS X is clearly the world’s
most advanced operating system”. Jeshua also stated, “As a former
professional system administrator, I realize that many computer users
loathe the ‘Unix’ command-line and we are dedicated to bringing popular
Unix software to the ‘Unix-challenged’ and seasoned system administrators

More information about the OpenOSX Office CD is available electronically at

OpenOSX is at booth number 842 (across from Oympus and Xerox) demonstrating
their product line at Macworld Expo 2002, San Francisco.