I’ve been testing out Scosche’s ThudBuds over the weekend and found them to be a decent, if not great, alternative to Apple’s AirPods. 

The big advantage over Apple’s product is the price. The ThudBuds have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$59.99 compared to $179.99 for the AirPods. Of course, you get what you pay for, and Apple’s product produces much better audio output.

That said, Scosche’s  Bluetooth 5.0 wireless ThudBuds offer consistent connectivity and low-latency. The sound quality is good for earbuds at this price, and I was surprised at the relative depth of the bass.

The built-in equalizer delivers smooth left/right switching. The detachable magnetic sport clips provide extra security for running, cycling or the gym. However, I’ve found that, like Apple’s AirPods, they tend to get loose if I’m running fast. 

The ThudBuds are rated IPX7, which means they’re waterproof and sweat proof. They provide six hours of play time, with an extra 30 hours from the included charging case. 

The wireless charging case can be charged on any standard wireless charging pad, or via USB-C, using the provided charging cable. 

The ThudBuds have a protective rubber coating, so should be relatively rugged and durable. They’re available now on scosche.com and at select retailers.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today