CNS Plug-ins has released FTPit Pro 3.5, an update of the FileMaker Pro plug-in. It uses FTP to transfer files to and from your computer.

You can use it to upload static web pages to a website, download database upgrades from a centralized server, or write a complete FTP client within FileMaker itself. You can transfer text directly to or from fields in your database, and you can upload files that reside in container fields.

The Server Edition of FTPit Pro allows you to install and use the plug-in on FileMaker Server with all its capabilities. For example, you can now do things like transfer database backups to an offsite server directly from the FileMaker Server machine, use the plug-in with Web Direct, or harness Perform Script On Server from FileMaker Go devices. Download a copy today to explore the many features of this plug-in.

Version 3.5 adds support for FileMaker 16, including Script Steps. This version also has many bug fixes and a few new features to make the plug-in more robust. FTPit Pro is available immediately at for both macOS and Windows.

If you purchased FTPit Pro anytime from Aug. 15, 2016 until now, you can install this latest version free of charge. If you purchased FTPit Pro anytime between Aug. 15, 2015 and Aug. 14, 2016, you can renew your license for 50% off the current price. If you purchased FTPit Pro anytime before Aug. 15, 2015, you can renew your license for 25% off the current price.

Beginning with the 3.0 version of FTPit, the Server License is separate from the Multiuser License. If you purchased a pre-3.0 license for 10 or more users, you can renew to the equivalent license and receive a free Server License. This offer is only good for two more months, expiring on Oct 19.

FTPit Pro prices range from a Single User License for $65 to a World License for $1,095 (which includes a free Server License). A Server License of FTPit Pro for use with FileMaker Server is $595. A Developer’s License of FTPit Pro is $1,295.