Cash-Basis Accounting Software for Small Business Available

Corona is a new software application for Mac OS X that is great for
managing a checking account dedicated to a cash-basis business. What is
unique about Corona is that Corona’s files can be opened by any common
spreadsheet software that imports tab-delimited data. Corona can also open
exported information from spreadsheets and databases, making transaction
data easy to share between software applications.

For recordkeeping, Corona easily facilitates transaction entry and bank
reconcilement, helps one find items in the transaction data and quickly
gleans monthly detail by account. Corona also provides monthly or total
reports for income and trial balance. All of Corona’s queries and reports
can be printed, or saved as files on disk.

Corona was created because in more than 16 years experience performing
general ledger accounting with a computer, Corona’s author, R Charles
Flickinger, has yet to find an accounting software that delivers the
ability to easily share transaction data between the software applications
commonly used for business. Learning to use spreadsheets and databases to
produce accounting reports is also not an easy task. Corona eliminates
these issues and keeps transaction data available for these other software

“What really made Corona possible was the work everyone is doing at REAL
Software, Inc.,” says Charles. “REALBasic had such a low learning curve
because of it’s similarity to JavaScript, that most of Corona was complete
before the REALbasic demo version’s four weeks had passed. The online
Language Reference provided with the REALbasic demo is first-rate, it was
like having a helpful friend always there to answer a question. And because
REALbasic easily builds Windows applications, there will be a Corona for
Windows available very soon. REALbasic is one of those applications that
truly make the Macintosh a superior platform for developing software. Yet
when a software application is built with REALbasic, it’s built for lot’s
of computer users, and I like that a lot.”

Corona is offered on a thirty-day evaluation and can be downloaded directly
from the Corona web site
( Corona will also
be made available from popular Macintosh download sites soon. There are
definite plans to release upgaded versions of Corona that will provide a
more complete accounting solution for business.