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Add professional menus to your Website with Apycom Java Menu Applets

Apycom Software has released version 2.10 of Apycom Java Menu Applets, a
collection of platform-independent lightweight java applets that allows you
to create professional menus for your Website.

These applets provide a feature-rich, fast-loading menu navigation system
for your web site’s visitors. Every applet in this collection has its own
unique set of features that lets you create website menus of any style and

The apPopupMenu is an extremely powerful popup menu solution. In contrast
to other pulldown menus available in Web, the apPopupMenu can overlap not
only HTML content but also can pop up over form elements, frames, and even
go over the browser window. The applet supports an unlimited number of
submenus and 6 button types. Using GUI wizard (can be downloaded
additionally) you can configure the apPopupMenu in a few easy steps.

The apMenu allows you to generate appealing menus with impressive mouseover
and color-fade effects. Twelve different fade animations will help you to
make your website eye-catching.

The apButtonMenu and apImageMenu are applets for nifty buttons and menu
bar. You can use both the 3-state images for each menu item, and the
combinations of an image, text and tiled background.

Apycom Java Menu Applets are very flexible, allowing you to configure
colors, icons, fonts, sounds, background, and alignment to achieve an
infinite variety of menu appearances and behaviors to fit your website
needs. Apycom Menus include excellent documentation and about 40 examples
to get you up and running in a hurry.

Apycom Java Menu Applets 2.10 are free for non-commercial and non-profit
sites. A commercial website license costs $39.95 US. Multiple website
license and java source code are available. The applets can be downloaded
from http://www.apycom.com/apmenu

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