Griffin Technology’s Beam is a comprehensive new platform that brings the security and stability of iOS to the healthcare industry. The company designed the all-in-one solution from the ground up to combine a barcode scanner with a protective case, built-in battery and custom charging station.

In a single, ergonomic unit, Beam ( harnesses the power of iOS in a platform that’s designed to improve clinical workflow. Supporting more than a dozen of the most widely used barcode systems, Beam scans barcodes even on many challenging curved or reflective surfaces. Its ergonomic design is easy to grasp and use shift after shift, and can be operated whether the worker is wearing gloves or not.

Beam’s impact-resistant polycarbonate shell is designed to protect the iPhone from 4-foot drops onto the floor. Designed for an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance and integrated with a Touch ID-compatible screen protector, Beam’s smooth exterior is cleanable with industry-standard CaviCide and bleach wipes.
Beam is self-powered and rechargeable. Additional, externally swappable batteries (2,200mAh) provide power to Beam’s barcode scanner and provide additional battery life for the iPhone. Batteries and Beam units both recharge in approximately two hours in Beam’s custom-built charging dock. Each dock can recharge three Beam units and three battery packs.