Azlance, LLC Debuts New Product

ORLANDO, FL – January 9, 2004 – Azlance, LLC, introduces Azlance Timeline
1.0 for MacOS X 10.3 (Panther). A trial version of Azlance Timeline is
available for download at

Azlance Timeline is a full-featured, easy-to-use tool for building and
displaying event-object relationships within the framework of an enhanced
numberline based timeline. A choice of time formats shipped with the
product, the ability to embed images, and embed links to any outside source
including files and URLs.

About Azlance Timeline
Azlance Timeline can be used by students, writers, project managers, and
anyone else who needs to create a color-coded, key-based view of event
relationships. Scheduling, event planning, project release overviews,
historical research charts, recipe preparation, and any other event based
activities can be visualized as a series of events on an Azlance Timeline

Azlance Timeline can be downloaded today from and can be
easily and quickly purchased and registered from directly within the
program. All features are unlocked and all limitations are removed once the
product is registered. Azlance Timeline 1.0 sells for $24.95.

About Azlance, LLC
Incorporated in 2000, Azlance, LLC specializes in providing creative
solutions for neglected niche software markets. In addition to today’s
release of Azlance Timeline 1.0, Azlance, LLC has several other software
tools in the works that are scheduled for release over the coming year.
Please visit our website at