In February 2003, iBeeZz’s first release already had simple but very
useful features: wake up and startup any Mac running Jaguar.

Beyond its Panther compatibility, the 2.0 version allows a complete
multi-scheduling. Just schedule as many events as you want regarding to
week-days. And then, each type of event is developed as a module. The
following modules are provided by defaults when downloading a 30 days
trial of iBeeZz:
– wake up,
– sleep,
– startup,
– shutdown,
– restart,
– open files (including documents, applications and AppleScripts),
– iTunes.

As you may understand, these modules allow the user to schedule every
task he needs, from a sweet wake up with a smooth music to a nightly
backups automation… The Mac can be woken or started up if necessary
with a simple click. Of course the user can be alerted before being
stopped from its work.

Today, a 2.2.1 version is available for both Jaguar and Panther users
on iBeeZz is English, French, German, Japanese
and Spanish localized.