Samsung’s (www.samsontechcom) $69.99, QH4 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier is designed to distribute audio to up to four individual headphones, each with its own volume control making it perfect for tracking multiple performers in a studio, podcast recording or recreational music listening.

Its compact design makes the amplifier ideal for use with any studio or desktop workstation, as well as with laptops or smartphones when recording on-the-go. Samson’s QH4 includes stereo 1/4-inch inputs to connect with your mixing console or studio interface and a stereo 1/8-inch Aux In for playing music via smartphone or MP3 player.

Individual headphone outputs allow users to connect up to four headphones, each with independent volume control over each channel and a Master volume control for overall level adjustments. Also included is a stereo 1/8-inch Aux Out for daisy chaining multiple QH4s together and a master Mute button for silencing all outputs.

Combine stereo channels using QH4’s key feature, the Mono button, before audio is outputted to headphones, allowing listeners to check for phase issues, mono compatibility or when monitoring tracks that are split left and right. The Mono button also allows you to take a split left and right feed from a stereo interview and send both tracks to each side of your headphones, an ideal feature for quickly monitoring a podcast or recording with split tracks.