GeekSuit has updated MacDeveloper (, their beta testing networking and management resource for Apple developers and enthusiasts.

It connects beta testers and developers, with the aim of aiding developers in testing and improving their products. The update to the service improves the platform’s usefulness by enhancing the testing process for developers and testers. MacDeveloper now supports a “Pay-to-Test” model.

MacDeveloper now leverages PayPal to allow payments into Escrow, allowing Developers to choose the amount they wish to spend from an easy-to-use drop-down menu. Testers are then paid from a ticket that is accepted by the developer. When a developer accepts any submitted ticket, the tester will be paid real money for their efforts when the Project Channel is closed.

MacDeveloper is free for testers. Developers pay a onetime project fee of $5, and a PayPal processing fee based on a percentage of escrow. Developers can fund their Project Channel with an amount ranging from $20 to $200. All Project Channel funding and tester payments are conveniently made via PayPal.