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FileMaker announces annual awards
FileMaker, Inc. ( has announced the winners of its annual FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) and FileMaker Community awards. The awards recognize standouts among the thousands of developers, customers, users, writers, trainers, partners and supporters in the FileMaker ecosystem.

The FBA awards recognize excellence in six categories, referred to as the FBA Pillars of Excellence: Design, Development, Education, Innovation, Advocacy and Growth. 

Excellence in Design: Infografix was recognized for two custom apps, DanyDash and MobiPharma, and for their years of commitment to innovation in visual design. Infografix covered every angle of design with consistent icons, typography, color, use of many popovers for easy navigation, beautiful visual appearance and responsive layouts.

Excellence in Development: Smarta System Norden AB created an app for their client in the steel industry to automate the creation and movement of products. This app has helped the company create better working conditions and increase employee productivity.

Excellence in Innovation: Fin Finaud was recognized for La Casserole, a professional app that helps creative professionals manage their projects. With 300 active clients and 3,200 users, the app was updated this year and is available in both French and English.

Excellence in Education: Cris Ippolite of iSolutions was honored for his work developing training videos for LinkedIn Learning.

Excellence in Education: MC Services was recognized for the creation of a tool for customers and developers to find training classes that fit their specific geographic, technical and scheduling needs.

Excellence in Advocacy: iSolutions was honored for contributing to the success of many events at Apple Stores.

Americas Growth Partner of the Year: MainSpring provides development, licensing solutions, and training.

Asia Pacific Growth Partner of the Year: KAMAR Limited has a school management system that is used in approximately 80 percent of New Zealand high schools.

North Asia Growth Partner of the Year: Genecom provides training and development services in Japan.

European Growth Partner of the Year: PROJEKT PRO GmbH specializes in office and management software for planning offices, with the aim of simplifying daily work for architects and engineers.

FileMaker also presented two additional awards for members of the FileMaker Community: 

Community Development Award: Wood Fruitticher provides food and supplies to restaurants, schools and nursing homes. The company’s custom app provides mobile access to 80 outside staff, selling more than 8,000 products in seven states. Through an order visibility dashboard, sales handles 30-40 orders per day, saving staff enormous amounts of time and improving morale.

Mike Beargie named Community Leader of the Year: Beargie has been a community leader for many years. This year he went above and beyond by creating and sharing free resources for developers, as well as presenting at dozens of user group meetings and events across North America in both English and French. He works for MainSpring.
This year’s award winners represent just a sampling of the great work that the FileMaker community and business partners are doing to help organizations of all sizes transform their business.

“Customers, developers and advocates in the FileMaker Community are always inventing, always striving to make their organizations more efficient, modern and better places to work,” Ann Monroe, vice president, worldwide marketing, FileMaker, Inc., said. “FileMaker attributes its longevity and continual improvement of the platform due to their commitment, feedback and contribution to the technology.We thank and congratulate all of this year’s winners and look forward to another year of innovative business transformation through custom apps.”