Users of business applications demand rich, interactive experiences and organizations are challenged to bring new and modernized applications to market quickly. These applications must reuse existing applications and services as much as possible and be built for change to easily adapt to new requirements. Applications need to extend to mobile devices while accessing and displaying data in a consistent way. And increasingly, applications must help deliver a social experience of collaboration and communication for your customers.

In this Webcast we will explore how WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs make it easier for you to deliver innovative business applications that help you reach customers in new ways – ways that can differentiate your organization. You’ll also discover how only IBM enables innovation without disruption through Feature Packs which allow you to leverage the latest open standards and programming models without the need to upgrade your application server. We’ll also show how WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs streamline the use of standards and programming models such as SIP, CEA, XML, SCA, and Web 2.0.

WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs highlighted in this Webcast:

° Feature Pack for XML – Simplified development of XML-based and document-centric applications

° Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture (SCA) – Efficient SOA composite application development and management

° Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) – Improved customer support experience and lower costs through innovative realtime communications

° Feature Pack for Web 2.0 – AJAX development framework that leverages existing SOA and Java EE assets to deliver rich user experiences.

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