RIVA’s WAND Series (rivaaudio.com) is a customizable and easy-to-use multi-space audio system that delivers high-quality, patented stereophonic sound from a single speaker. The system is easy to set up and use thanks to the RIVA WAND app that can create zones, stream different music/audio content through the environment and voice control the system.

The RIVA WAND Series will include the ARENA and FESTIVAL speakers and is expected to be available for purchase late November. With either you an listen to high-resolution music, podcasts, YouTube channels, or music services through multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, DDMS, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth. They’re even Google Cast ready.

Unlike some wireless speakers, the RIVA WAND series offers multiple connectivity options, from a single direct connection to a whole-environment wireless networked audio system that can simultaneously stream to up to 32 speakers without acoustic latency. Take the speakers outdoors and they can easily create their own ad hoc network.

The ARENA model is splash resistant and, with the optional connected battery pack (16+ hours), can be used anywhere. The ARENA and FESTIVAL include analog and USB inputs with charge out for phones and tablets, and the FESTIVAL will also include an optical input. These inputs are helpful for users with an existing wired or wireless system who want to introduce RIVA’s Trillium audio into their home. Trillium is ADX’s proprietary 3-channel audio technology that enlarges the audio image while allowing the power of the audio to be reproduced.
The compact RIVA ARENA speaker uses 3 full-range custom ADX drivers with three passive radiators to create up to 101dB of enveloping sound. It can be configured for single or stereo pair use and will have an optional 16+ hour battery pack for use as a portable speaker. The RIVA FESTIVAL drives six custom ADX woofers and tweeters coupled with 4 passive radiators to produce up to 106dB without dynamic range compression, while bass plays down to 38Hz for depth and impact.

The ARENA will be available in black/titanium and white/silver. The FESTIVAL will be available in black/titanium. Pricing ranges from $249 to $499.