Excel Software (www.excelsoftware.com) has added enhancements to MacA&D for requirements management and software design. The companion MacTranslator tool generates design models from source code for procedural, object-oriented and SQL languages.  

Both tools are now Cocoa applications that add design, code generation and reengineering features for the Apple Swift programming language. acA&D 5 supports flow charts, the full 14-diagram UML 2.2 notation for object-oriented design, structured analysis and design, data models, Business Process Models (BPMN 2.0), screen prototypes, system models with simulation and real-time, multi-task design.  The integrated environment includes data dictionary, requirements management, code generation, reengineering, design namespaces and scriptable reports.

MacA&D includes model editors for process, data, class, state, screen, structure, object and task models.  All model editors support multiple diagram levels, table of contents, multiple diagram notations, configurable color schemes, scaling, rich customization and navigational features plus extensive verification and balancing reports of information flow and consistency between diagrams.

MacTranslator 4 scans source code to extract design information into text files that are imported into MacA&D.  The entire process from code to design is fully automated.

When a developer selects the code folders, language and options, MacTranslator generates a project file of commands to extract the design information.  That data is imported into MacA&D to populate the data dictionary and generate a stack of diagrams that reflect the code structure.  Selectable features control code organization into diagrams, presentations options or identification of execution threads for representation on separate diagrams.

MacA&D 5 and MacTranslator 4 run on Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. Both tools are available in Single User and Site License editions. MacA&D is scalable from a single user to a large development team with capabilities like design namespaces, powerful import and export features and multi-user team documents.

MacA&D comes in a Standard edition at $495, Desktop edition at $995 and Developer edition at $1595.  Each product includes four manuals, the Setup & Tutorials Guide, Modeling Guide, User Guide and Code & Reports Guide, plus integrated help and online resource including white papers and demonstration videos. MacTranslator at $495 includes a User Guide with tutorials and online support.