KickShark, Inc., has announced the addition of the Roadie 6 port USB-C travel hub to its HydraDock brand of USB Type C connectivity products. The Roadie is the size of a credit card and provides the four most needed on-the-go ports: HDMI (w HDCP), gigabit Ethernet, and two USB 3.1 ports, as well as a USB-C port for a MacBook (or other) USB-C power adapter, and a USB-C male cable for connecting to the MacBook (or other USB-C device).

“We have worked for almost two years to develop the most complete array of USB Type C connection technologies, partnering with the major chip makers and factories,” says Kristin Cales, marketing director. “The 12 inch MacBook and the other computers launched since then with the new USB-C port have created problems for users on the go needing to connect to wired devices, displays, and networks. The tiny little Roadie pocket hub is the solution.”

All HydraDock brand USB-C products including the Roadie are fully compliant with USB, HDMI and other standards, including supporting HDCP copy protection with the HDMI port — something no other small hub does. That means you can view Apple or Amazon or other HDCP encoded video on a display using the Roadie.

The Roadie’s two USB 3.1 ports are fully USB 3.1 compliant, supporting 5Gb per second data and delivering 900mW of power. The Roadie is completed and waiting to see the total number of pre-orders received before going to mass production in mid-February. All pre-orders ( received by then will be shipped on Feb. 29.