Enhanced j2 Global Messenger Software Now Available for Mac Users

The newest version of Messenger=99 enables Mac users to send faxes more
efficiently through eFax=AE and jConnect=AE services

Los Angeles – April 5, 2004 – j2 Global Communications, Inc. [NASDAQ: JCOM],
the provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communications
services, today announced a new, enhanced version of its Messenger=99
desktop-communications software application for users of Apple=AE Macintosh=
computers. The tool has been optimized for Mac OS=AE X version 10.1 or newer=

Now, subscribers of j2 Global=92s communications services, including eFax=AE=
eFax Corporate=AE and jConnect=AE, can receive and send faxes securely from
their Mac desktop using Messenger=92s new Direct Send=99 feature. Direct Sen=
significantly speeds and simplifies the desktop faxing process-subscribers
simply point and click to send faxes within seconds. Subscribers can also
fax directly from the Apple Print Dialog window in most applications.

To further enhance desktop faxing, subscribers can choose from a wide
selection of cover sheet templates and quickly enter recipient information
through the integrated address book. In addition, subscribers can instantly
access the 50 most recently used fax numbers to further speed up the
fax-sending process.

=93As the number of Mac users continues to increase, j2 Global has sharpened
its focus on providing this portion of its subscriber base with increased
communications functionality,=94 said Hemi Zucker, chief marketing officer o=
j2 Global. =93Based upon feedback from subscribers who tested Messenger for
Mac, we are confident that our entire customer base of Mac users will
appreciate the enhanced features of our newest Messenger desktop

Pricing and Availability
eFax Messenger for the Mac is available for download free of charge at
www.efax.com/need. jConnect Messenger for the Mac is available for download
at www.j2.com/downloads.

About j2 Global Communications
Founded in 1995, j2 Global Communications, Inc. provides outsourced,
value-added messaging and communications services to more than five million
customers around the world. j2 Global=92s network spans more than 1,100 citi=
in 20 countries on five continents. The Company markets these services under
the j2=AE, eFax=AE, jConnect=AE, jFax=AE, Consensus=99, Hotsend=AE, PaperMas=
Protofax=AE, M4 Internet=99 and Documagix=AE brands. As of December 31,=
2003, j2
Global had achieved 27 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and eight
consecutive quarters of positive earnings. For more information about j2
Global, please visit www.j2global.com.