Ntrepid Corp., a provider of cutting-edge cyber security solutions, has announced the general availability of Passages Enterprise (Passages), a secure virtual browser that allows users to navigate and browse the Internet without fear of picking up malware.

Passages also significantly reduces the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks – all while providing the complete functionality that users expect from a traditional web browser, according to Richard Helms, Founder and Chief Executive at Ntrepid. Using Passages as the default method for Internet use, if/when a user clicks a bad link or is targeted with a web attack, they will be protected. Passages isolates the web session from the actual computer, allowing the user to virtually surf online without the risk of infecting their actual computer or mobile device – severing the link that would allow for the compromising of their data.

The Passages user interface is based off of Mozilla Firefox. Passages’ Safehold prevents all drive-by downloads and other malware from reaching the user’s computer during a browsing session by restricting all downloads to a secure cloud server, where they are scanned and determined malware-free before permission is granted to transfer to the desktop.

With Passages, enterprises can also monitor their users’ activity to be aware of potentially malicious intent. Passages’ oversight tool, Insight, captures a company’s entire web activity directly from the browser, even for secure or dynamic sites – protecting enterprises from employees mistakenly, or intentionally, downloading malicious files. This analytics and managerial suite provides full audits of all user activity to provide total visibility, and ensure companies meet HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST compliance standards for security and monitoring.

Passages can be deployed on 64-bit Mac OS X and Windows endpoints with hardware virtualization support. For more information on the benefits and uses of Passages Enterprise, please visit: http://www.ntrepidcorp.com/passages/.