eMedia Music Corp. (eMediaMusic.com) has released the new Music Theory Tutor series of music theory software. Based on the latest technologies, the software incorporates a methodical yet open curriculum designed by Dr. Gregory Simon, Ph.D., and features interactive lessons with real time pitch and rhythmic detection. Students sing, tap and play instruments to answer questions, and easily track their progress with graphs and statistics.

Music Theory Tutor is compatible with the latest Macintosh and Windows operating systems and consists of four products:

Music Theory Tutor Volume 1 includes over 230 lessons cover beginning to intermediate music theory.  Students learn how to read music, basic chord theory, scale theory, and the basic building blocks of music.

Music Theory Tutor Volume 2 delivers over 200 lessons covering intermediate to advanced music theory topics and builds on the lessons found in Music Theory Tutor Volume 1. Subjects covered include the construction of augmented and seventh chords; harmonic, melodic, and natural minor scales; modes; musical keys; the circle of fifths; phrasing; and more about melodic/harmonic relationships and cadences.

Music Theory Tutor Complete includes the over 430 music theory lessons fond in volumes 1 and 2.

Music Theory Tutor School Edition is a version of Music Theory Tutor Complete available in site license configurations for academic use. It also includes an innovative cloud-based assessment tool to allow educators to easily see student progress from anywhere, via a web-based dashboard with graphing, grades and statistics.

Music Theory Tutor is distributed exclusively by eMedia Music in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. Retail pricing for Music Theory Tutor Volume 1 and 2 are US$59.95 each, and Music Theory Tutor Complete is $99.95.