Mac OS X File Recovery’s Mac Data Recovery Guru 3.0, an update to te data recovery utility for Mac OS X, offers more reliable scanning, and supports more recoverable file types.

Mac Data Recovery Guru recovers all common file types from any Mac drive or volume. The tool recovers all common file types from any kind of device that was deleted, including those that were lost due to accidental deleting or formatting, hardware malfunction, or any other case of data loss where the original data was not overwritten.

Mac Data Recovery Guru is easy to use. Users simply run the app, and then select the drive or volume they wish to scan. Users can then select to scan either for deleted files only, or for both deleted and regular files. The app takes care not to accidentally write over any deleted data by accessing the drive in read-only mode. While scanning, Mac Data Recovery Guru begins listing the files it has found that can be recovered by displaying them in a familiar column-based window, similar to that used by OS X Finder.

Once the scan is complete, users can select the files they wish to recover, select the drive and folder they want the recovered files written to, and click the “Recover” button. Following recovery, the users can then view the recovered files in their favorite file viewer or editor in order to complete the recovery process.

Mac Data Recovery Guru can scan any storage device on Mac, including those that are not visible, such as the Recovery Drive. With the ability to see and scan devices and volumes that OS X does not usually display to the user, Mac Data Recovery Guru offers expanded options for recovering deleted files.

The HFS file system used by Mac OS X doesn’t actually immediately remove the files that users delete. The file actually still exists until it is written over by another file. Some utility applications’ file sizes are so large, that merely by installing them users run the risk of overwriting the deleted file. Mac Data Recovery Guru’s small file size reduces the chance of its installation possibly overwriting any recoverable files. This makes Mac Data Recovery Guru an excellent choice for quick, safe, and efficient data recovery for anyone’s machine.

Mac Data Recovery Guru 3.0 requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and costs US$99. It’s available from the publisher’s website ( A free scan-only download is also available.