Apple has just posted early access release 2 of its Mac OS Runtime for Java
(MRJ) SDK version 2.0.1. It contains a collection of tools, libraries,
sample code, and documentation that will make it easier for developers to
build better Java software for the Macintosh. The major items included are
as follows:

JDK Tools — *** new version of these tools have been added since the
previous early access release *** These tools include javac, javah,
javadoc, javakey, rmic, and jar.

JBindery — an application that allows you to create double-clickable
Macintosh applications that execute Java code.

MRJToolkit — a library that allows you to easily add Macintosh
functionality to Java applications, such as the ability to respond to Open
and Quit events, locate special system folders, and set document types.

JDirect — an application programming interface that allows you to access
the Macintosh toolbox directly from a Java application.

JManager — an API that allows you to embed Java content in traditional Mac
OS applications.

The SDK is available for downloading at the Apple & Java website at: