Robosoft ( ) hasannounced its latest
work in porting Battlestations Midway game to the Macintosh platform.
The title reinforces Robosoft’s commitment to being a market leader
in porting the best-selling AAA titles from PC/ Consoles to the Mac
platform. Using a combination of OpenGL and great developer tools
from Apple, the Robosoft engineering team has brought yet another
popular game title to the Mac.

“Our collaboration with Feral Interactive has been an extraordinary
experience.” said Rohith Bhat, MD and CEO, Robosoft Technologies.
“”Battlestations was one of the graphics intensive AAA titles handled
by us with extensive use of vertex and fragment programs. Our
experience with XCode, in-depth knowledge on both Windows and Mac
technologies has enabled us to successfully map the advanced game
features from Windows and optimize performance for the Mac”.

David Stephen, managing director of Feral Interactive said., “Working
with Robosoft has been a pleasure and hugely beneficial for us. Their
professionalism and flexibility has allowed us to work together
successfully on complex projects even though we are separated by
thousands of miles. Battlestations Midway is the latest fruit of that
collaboration and we look forward to working further with them to
bring many more great titles to the Mac”.

Robosoft works with leading Macintosh game publishers to bring hit
titles to the Mac. Robosoft has already ported critically acclaimed
titles such as The Movies (winner of a prestigious BAFTA award), Tomb
Raider Anniversary, Fable: The Lost Chapters and LEGO Star Wars II to
the Mac. Robosoft is now looking at developing innovative Casual
games for the iPhone and Mac.