Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to announce IntelliMerge 2.1.5, adding
the ability to import Contacts from the Apple iPod to its popular e-mail
merge software for the Mac.

Instructions for importing Contacts from your iPod into IntelliMerge:

1. Launch IntelliMerge, create a new recipient list.
2. Select “Import” from the Recipients menu, and click Apple iPod.
3. Plug in your iPod (mounting it as a hard drive), and press Import.

The process usually takes 1-3 seconds.

Home Page:
Mac OS 9 only:
Mac OS X only:

IntelliMerge is available for electronic delivery at $79.95, with
competitive upgrade pricing available.

Several related notes:

– Recipients without e-mail addresses, such as the sample iPod contact,
will be ignored. vCards with multiple entries (such as the single
“entourage.vcf” file generated by Apple’s Entourage-to-iPod importer),
will be correctly scanned for all records.

– iPods will need the new iPod 1.1 software from Apple, along with some
already-loaded contacts to import.

– If more than one iPod is mounted on your computer, IntelliMerge will
choose the one connected first.