Neo smartpen N2 ( is a smartpen that helps you transform your written ideas into digital reality. It allows you to capture, organize and share content with friends, family and colleagues.

Among its features is a free printing app that allows users to print smartpen paper at home, eliminating reliance on special smartpen notebooks. The latest app update to N2’s companion app, Neo Notes, gives iOS users the ability to erase paper lines and make backgrounds completely blank or transparent.

The N2s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to grip. Measuring 11.5-11.8 mm thick and 156.5 long and weighing 22 grams, it’s the of any pen on your desk. It’s durable thanks to its aluminum and stainless steel body. Details like the auto power on feature let you use it as you would any ordinary pen.

The N2 is also powerful thanks to its use of an ARM dual core processor. The smartpen can capture more than 120 frames per second and calculate 256 steps of pressure.

The N2 users Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy), which consumes less energy and has a dual mode that also supports “classic” Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth 4.0 allows a faster connection and longer usage.

The N2 users Ncode technology, a combination of lines and symbols printed so small they’re difficult for the eye to perceive. Each line and symbol constitutes a pattern to express a unique code for each location on the page.

A small camera on the N2 records the Ncode as you write. The smartpen sends the data to your smart device, where the position and pressure of each stroke is calculated.