Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync to version 3

March 30, 2005 — Econ Technologies updates ChronoSync, the automated
synchronization and backup application for Mac=AE OS X, to version 3.0.
ChronoSync 3 is built upon a completely redesigned interface and dozens of
new features. Download ChronoSync 3 to try the demo or purchase it for only
$30. As always, existing ChronoSync users update for free.

ChronoSync 3’s redesigned interface integrates all the existing and new
features into a streamlined design making it even easier to set up and
control your synchronizations. Set up your sync in one panel, Analyze your
data in another panel, add Options and Rules in other panels – we packed a
lot of capabilities into a simple layout. Accompanying the redesigned
interface of ChronoSync 3 is an entirely new manual. Download the free
manual to assist with your sync setup or to discover all the capabilities
of ChronoSync.

ChronoSync 3 adds capabilities to help manage your synchronizations and
backups. You can be assured that you will never miss a synchronization.
ChronoSync 3 will automatically wake your Mac from sleep for scheduled
synchronizations. Control all your synchronizations from an optional Status
Bar. View, run, and edit all your scheduled synchronizations from the
Scheduled Documents Manager window. The updated Analyze panel makes it even
easier to compare a file in one location against the same file in the other
location. Make changes and see the effects immediately.

ChronoSync 3 detects file changes based on seven different file properties.
The file properties used in the synchronization process are controlled by
Sync Triggers. Set all or any combination of the seven Sync Triggers to
customize the synchronization process to meet your needs. A change in any
file’s trigger will ignite ChronoSync into action and update the file.
ChronoSync will keep a perfect mirror of your data.

ChronoSync is the easy way to synchronize or backup files and folders.
Synchronize between folders on your Mac, other Macs, PCs, external drives
or iPods. Set up a sync document to schedule and automatically mount
volumes so your syncs and backups are never missed. With ChronoSync you can
do a lot more than just copy data, you can manage data too. Exclude files
and folders, check the current sync status of files, even run trial
synchronizations to see what will happen before it happens.

ChronoSync 3 is a free upgrade to all existing users. We constantly improve
our products and all updates are free. At Econ, no user is left behind. To
purchase ChronoSync for $30.00 or try the demo, go to Econ Technologies,
Inc.’s web site (

Econ Technologies, Inc. creates applications built exclusively for the Mac
OS X operating system including ChronoSync, Portraits & Prints, DayChaser,
and ImageCaster. Econ Technologies has been creating Apple software for
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