Andrew Kaz, a veteran of the Mac and iPhone software scene, has released a new take on the music player for iOS devices: TurnTable (
It’s designed around the Album medium of art, and, in turn, three formats of browse medium: Albums, Records and Artists. You can scroll through a quilt collection of Albums, flick through full-screen Records, and slide through charts of Artists.  Tap an Album, and it’s just like an album, the track titles “printed” right onto full-screen album art. Like an analog music collection, but made more accessible than ever.

Kaz is a longtime developer, having been on the Apple platform for over a decade. He played a role in the award-winning Mac app Delicious Library in 2003.

TurnTable acts also as a complement to Apple’s new Apple Music service, where users can now collect music in their library from anywhere in the world. It’s available at the Apple App Store ( for US$2.99.