Equinux’s tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA is a new version of its mobile USB car charger adapter with four USB ports.

It delivers up to 2.4A power on all USB ports, charging up to four devices just as fast and with just as much power as if they were plugged into the wall socket. The tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA comes equipped with Auto Max Power Technology under the hood, which guarantees an optimal charge for each device.

Manufacturers of mobile devices all speak different languages. The Auto Max Power Technology acts as a translator, speaking the right “language” with each device and finding out the optimal charging power which is needed. This ensures that high power devices such as the iPad, iPhone 6, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S, Nexus, HTC One or Kindle Fire are charged as quickly as possible with the optimal power (up to 2.4A). The Auto Max Power Technology is already available in the smaller three-port car charger tizi Turbolader 3x MEGA.

The tizi Turbolader 4x MEGA is available immediately as an introductory offer of US$39.99 exclusively online at http://usa.tizi.tv. Equinux’s other car chargers of the smaller variety are also available at a promotional pricing: tizi Turbolader 3x MEGA ($29.99) with three Auto Max Power ports (max. 6.6A) and the the starter model, tizi Turbolader ($19.99) with two high power ports and one full power port (max. 5.5A).