LastPass, a password manager, has launched an app for the Apple Watch.
The iOS app, which is part of LastPass’ Premium service, provides quick access to passwords and data stored in the Vault to ensure users always have their passwords no matter where they are or which device they are using.

“Consumers need access to passwords and secure information wherever they are and on whatever device they are using,” says Joe Siegrist, CEO and co-founder of LastPass. “The launch of the Apple Watch is significant because it provides another channel for LastPass to provide our users with the important data they need every day. With just a few taps of the wrist, LastPass users can see their password information in a simplified format without ever having to take out their phones or computers.”

The LastPass app for Apple Watch ensures users always have their passwords on hand with access to the data stored in their LastPass Vault. They can look up passwords on the go or find information written in a LastPass Secure note, including PIN codes, WiFi logins, membership numbers and more.

LastPass for Apple Watch is included in the LastPass Premium service for IS$12 per year. Customers already using the LastPass app on iOS can turn on the Apple Watch app at no extra cost by enabling LastPass for Apple Watch from the app’s Settings menu. For more information go to