ViewSonic’s ( new line of Privacy Filter Screen Protectors for desktop displayswas developed with Tech Armor, a provider of accessories and screen protectors for mobile devices.

The screen protectors deliver front-of-screen performance while preventing anyone outside a 60-degree viewing angle from seeing the content. The ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector is a great solution for many applications in healthcare, financial services, business and government, education, and as well as anyone concerned about their on-screen privacy.

Privacy Filter Screen Protectors are available in three sizes including the 21.5-inch (VSPF2150), 23.6-inch (VSPF2360), and 27-inch (VSPF2700) models. The Privacy Filter Screen Protectors include anti-glare coating to reduce distracting sheens and reduce eye-strain. They also sport an anti-scratch layer. ViewSonic’s VSPF2150, VSPF2360 and VSPF2700 Privacy Filter Screen Protectors will be available next month for US$99, $115, and $185.