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Trinfinity Software releases ASCII Tools Pro for Macintosh.

New York, N.Y. – – November 6, 2002 – – Trinfinity Software released ASCII
Tools Pro 1.0 today. ASCII Tools Pro is a development tool for Macintosh
developers. It allows developers to easily manipulate text faster, saving
time and money.

ASCII (Pronounced ASKEEEE) stands for American Standard Code for
Information Interchange. ASCII is a code for representing characters as
numbers so that they can be stored in a computers memory. For example,
uppercase “A” would be stored as 65. Before ASCII, most computers had their
own codes for storing letters. This made it difficult to exchange data
between computers. For example, computer number one represents the letter A
as 42 and computer number two represents the letter Q as 42, then when a
text file was transferred from computer number one to computer number two,
all of the A’s would be replaced with Q’s. ASCII was proposed and accepted
as a standard code for representing characters, which allowed computers to
transfer text with each other. This made email possible.

ASCII Tools Pro, like it’s freeware predecessor ASCII Tools, contains a
table that allows developers to convert a character to it’s ASCII value in
decimal and in hexadecimal. ASCII Tools Pro is much more advanced. ASCII
Tools Pro’s table contains character, decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and
binary values plus HTML Entities and keyboard combinations. Press a key on
the keyboard while in the table and the table automatically scrolls to the
entry for that key. Double click on a selection in the table and the data
is copied to the clipboard.

The ASCII table is only one of the many useful features of ASCII Tools Pro.
In the “Convert” tab, you can enter the character value in any format (i.e.
binary, octal, etc.) and ASCII Tools Pro will display all of the other
formats for that character.

The “Extract” tab allows you to load a file and extract the ASCII values by
selecting a character in the file.

Last, but not least, the “Format” tab gives developers amazing power to
clean up and format text. To use this feature, developers select the text
in the edit field that they want to modify and select one of the “Actions”
in the Actions table. Actions are open source scripts from Trinfinity
Software, written in RBScript, that can be used with multiple applications.
There are currently over one hundred Actions included with ASCII Tools Pro
and there are many more to come. If you can’t find an action to accomplish
what you want, you can write one yourself. Here are some examples of the
Actions that come with ASCII Tools Pro:

* Convert character to base value.
* Add or remove C style comments.
* Add or remove C++ style comments.
* Capitalize, Lowercase, or Uppercase.
* Digits to words or words to digits.
* Add or remove email quoting.
* Rot13 encode/decode.
* URL encode.
* Get nth field.
* Add or remove HTML elements.
* Count characters, lines, or words.
* Add or remove line numbers.
* Blank or cross out characters.
* Convert characters into a hangman game.
* Sample REALbasic code.
* Remove punctuation.
* Reverse words or entire document.
* Trim spaces.

ASCII Tools Pro 1.0 is available for the following platforms:

– Macintosh PowerPC
– Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X

ASCII Tools Pro for Macintosh requires MacOS 8.0 or later. ASCII Tools Pro
Carbon requires MacOS 8.6 or later. ASCII Tools Pro Carbon requires
CarbonLib 1.2.5 or later. CarbonLib is most likely already on your
computer. If it isn’t, it is free and can be downloaded from: Apple’s
Support Downloads.

ASCII Tools Pro costs $10.00 for a single user license. Site licenses and
world-wide site licenses are also available. New users can download and
evaluate ASCII Tools Pro 1.0 for 30 days.

ASCII Tools Pro 1.0 is available for download at:

For further information, please contact:

Contact: Eileen Newsom
Sales Manager
Trinfinity Software