SuperSync ( — Mac OS X compatible software that acts as a music collection’s central hub, retrieving, organizing, and syncing all music and movie files across machines and disk drives in order to create one consistent, complete music library — has been updated to version 6.1.

The upgrade adds improved network security and Mac OS X support. Users can now visually compare, access, sync, and merge iTunes libraries including music, audio files, video files, podcasts, and playlists across multiple Macintosh, Windows, NAS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

With SuperSync, users can retrieve a song from a laptop, play or download a song from a home computer while at the office, upload a new album from the road, or back-up an entire music library on a new computer or network drive. It allows visual comparison of two music libraries locally or over the net. With this feature, users can see what music is located in each library. They can select the tracks they want copied from one library to the other, and click Synchronize to begin one or two-way file synchronization.

SuperSync includes integration with iTunes so that any additions to the SuperSync music library can be automatically reflected in iTunes. SuperSync eliminates the need to manually add new music or remove broken links in iTunes. Also, the software includes a powerful library scanner that will clean up your SuperSync and iTunes music libraries, removing broken links to music and adding new tracks.

SuperSync 6.1 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. A license for Mac and Windows systems is available now for purchase online for US$22.95 for a two-pack, $29.95 for a five-pack, and $39.95 for a 10-pack. A license is recommend for each desktop computer (Mac or PC) a user runs iTunes on.

SuperSync for NAS is currently free and doesn’t require a paid license to use. SuperSync can be downloaded immediately from its website. SuperSync will run in a free trial mode to let users see it in action with their iTunes libraries.