Bicom has announced the next generation playGo USB, the playGo AP1. playGo AP1 is an AirPlay-enabled receiver that wirelessly streams audio from iOS devices to speaker systems through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The playGo AP1 automatically syncs with iOS devices in your home network without the need for additional apps or wires. It creates an audio platform to transfer lossless audio from music libraries such as iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody, and Spotify.

Unlike Bluetooth wireless audio, the technology in the playGo AP1 supports lossless audio, according to the folks at Bicom. This means the music is transferred bit-by-bit, preserving the original file format to recreate crisp sound quality, they add.

The playGo can be used to transmit audio from movies, TV, or games being viewed from an iOS device such as an iPad. What’s more, the playGo audio platform has built in USB for compatibility with older iOS devices, as well as DLNA audio streaming support for synching with DLNA-compliant computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as network attached storage devices.

The PlayGo AP1 is currently being funded through Kickstarter and hopes to reach the US$150,000 funding goal by July 5. A limited quantity of playGo AP1’s are available for a special early bird price on Kickstarter for $199; the playGo AP1 will retail for $275. More information about playGo can be found at .