Despite officially ceasing operations late last week, a source close to XLR8, Inc. has told MacMinute that the Mac upgrade and peripheral maker is re-assessing its business model and may not go out of business entirely. “The story isn’t over yet,” said Larry O’Connor, president of Other World Computing, who sells XLR8 products and has spoken to Jack Kolk, XLR8 vice president and general manager. “The company is re-evaluating where they want to go… I think we’ll hear about XLR8s future plans very soon.” O’Connor could not comment on the company’s financial condition or why it decided to close its doors before deciding its business future. Another source close to XLR8, who asked not to be named, said among the issues being discussed is the possibility of selling off segments of the company. MacMinute has been unable to reach Mr. Kolk for comment on the company’s status. Although XLR8 was bought by power protection equipment maker Tripp Lite in 2000, sources report Tripp Lite sold its interest in XLR8 last year.