IGG Software (www.iggsoftware.com) has rung up version 5.2 of iBank, its Quicken alternative. The new version includes more than 30 additional updates and delivers full compatibility with Mac OS X Yosemite.

New in iBank 5.2 is an Overview section, a dashboard feature that compiles key financial information on one screen, including: net worth, account balances, upcoming bills and deposits, top recent spending categories, budget update, investment highlights and personal savings rate. Additionally, new Account Summary pages provide users with customizable, at-a-glance views of their individual accounts, based on account type.

iBank 5.2 is available for new users for US$59.99 after a 30-day free trial through the IGG store. Licensed users of iBank 4 may install the app, use it in trial mode, and upgrade from within version 5. Regularly priced at $59.99, the iBank 5.2 upgrade is available through IGG for iBank 4 users for $29.99. Version 5.2 is a free update for current users of version 5.
For optional, automatic updating of transactions, users of iBank 5 also have the opportunity to try IGG’s Direct Access free for 30 days, a service that syncs bank, credit card and investment accounts. Maintaining the service costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 for an annual subscription. A single Direct Access subscription can be shared with iBank for iPad or iBank for iPhone. Data can also be synced to iOS devices directly from the desktop app over local Wi-Fi or via custom WebDAV server.