MaxUpgrades announces MaxConnect Lite

Up to 250 MB/s Sustained Data Transfers Rate on G5 Power Macs (with PCI-X

(Corona, CA), July 29, 2005. MaxUpgrades announces availability of
MaxConnect Lite, a CPU Bay internal storage expansion assembly for G5 Power
Macs. MaxConnect Lite is made of PolyAcetal a ThermoPlastic known for its
high strength and stiffness.

MaxConnect Lite a CPU Bay internal storage expansion assembly enables three
additional disk drives to be housed in the lower CPU bay. To power the
additional three hard disk drives in the lower CPU Bay, optional custom
power cables are included that splits power from the optical drive
connector, power from the optical drive bay is routed into the lower CPU
Bay via power cable that provides power to the three additional drives with
standard hard disk 4-pin connectors.

MaxConnect Lite offer industrial strength design with four bolt hard disk
drive attachments, its unique design exposes maximum area for heat
dissipation for the attached hard disk drives.

MaxConnect Lite Sustained data transfer rates up to 250MB/s can be attained
on the G5 Power Macs with PCI-X slots by adding four independent data
channels via PCI-X SATA host Adapter and with additional SATA hard disk
drives installed with MaxConnect internal storage expansion assembly, each
independent data channel is capable of pumping data up to 60 MB/s or when
four disk drives are striped together RAID 0, sustained data transfer rate
is quadrupled (up to 250 MB/s) of internal storage system of the G5 Power
Mac, compared to single internal stock drive of the G5 or external storage
via Firewire 800 or FireWire 400 disk storage (both Single or RAID).

MaxConnect Lite offers enormous performance advantage by giving 4x increase
in sustained data throughput on G5 Power Mac with PCI-X slots, it also
offer most cost effective and space saving solution in the industry.

MaxConnect Lite is priced at $74 (Bare Assembly), for other options and
ordering information please click the link below…

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