Lenmar Enterprises’ Mutant is a portable power pack that can deliver juice for tablets, smartphones, and USB devices. The 1.1 pound unit packs 20,899mAh (milliamp hours) and is great for those on-the-go who are carrying multiple mobile gadgets.

It’s small enough to be stashed in a purse, backpack, or briefcase. The Mutant can charge four smartphones or two tablets and two smartphones simultaneously. With four USB ports and a total combined output of 6.8A, it can recharge an iPhone up to 10 times or an iPad up to two times, says Lenmar President Marty Goldberg.

The AC power adapter has an input of 100-240V and comes with charging adapters for North America, the United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia. When connected to the AC adapter, the Mutant functions as a power hub, allowing users to recharge four devices and the units simultaneously.

The Mutant has a retail price of US$199.99. Go to www.lenmar.com for more info.