Software License Protection and Management

Placitas, NM — October 11, 2006 – Excel Software is pleased to announce
the QuickLicense system to manage the secure, flexible licensing of Windows
and Macintosh software. QuickLicense is used to configure hacker-proof
evaluation, lease or full licenses, then manage each license and customer
data to reduce cost and increase sales. With minimal programming,
developers get flexible control over how many days or executions are
allowed, which computers or users can run the software, the security
features that protect it and how the registration process works.

The QuickLicense application is used to configure a highly flexible
licensing strategy with data stored in an encrypted ticket file. The data
and runtime executable are protected from disassembly by data and logic
firewalls. This royalty-free system can be applied to any consumer,
business or shareware application developed in any programming language to
implement trial editions, software leases, controlled feature editions or
full licenses. QuickLicense offers online activation through a human
controlled or automated process, passwords, license reset and controlled
usage by specific computers or users. QuickLicense makes shrink-wrapped,
electronic download or time-leased distribution of software quick and

In addition to configuring the licensing strategy, the QuickLicense
application makes it easy to store, organize and locate data from customers
collected in the activation process to increase sales and reduce cost. Data
can be imported or exported to any spreadsheet or database application.

The Standard edition of QuickLicense is ideal for time or execution limited
trial editions, lease periods or perpetual licenses of commercial or
shareware products. It provides password protection of applications and
secure, royalty-free distribution of any number of products or licenses.
The Professional edition has online activation and license reset features.
Developers can control activated features in each license and limit access
to specific machines or users, plus collect, organize, track and manage
customer data without manual data entry.

The Standard edition at $195 or Professional edition at $495 is available
for Windows or Macintosh. The Windows edition runs on Windows 98 through
XP, while the Macintosh edition includes both OS 9 and OS X native
executables. Licenses can be configured on, deployed to or managed from any
supported platform. Trial downloads, site license pricing and product and
ordering information can be found at

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