RunRev has released LiveCode 6.5, the first major release of LiveCode since their Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year that culminates in the release in April of LiveCode Community 6.0, the free and open source edition of LiveCode.

LiveCode 6.5 brings the first of the stretch goals announced when the Open Source crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter surpassed its stated goals. Dubbed “Resolution Independence” by LiveCode programmers, one new feature takes on all the heavy lifting in supporting screen sizes from the tiniest Android smartphone to the latest Retina displays available for the iPad.

LiveCode now scales your app depending on the density of the device it’s running on. Text and graphics are scaled automatically and if made available by the developer, LiveCode will choose higher resolution images when running on high density devices. A LiveCode developer can now create a stack that is 1024×768 which will run on both an iPad and iPad Retina without any changes.

Mobile devices also come in a wide variety of form factors. Livecode 6.5 adds a new property “fullscreenmode” that allows the developer to tell LiveCode how they would like their app to be scaled when run on a mobile device. For more info and pricing options go to .