Want to make your own games? Even if you’re an absolute beginner, “3D Game Programming for Kids: Create Interactive Worlds With JavaScript” from Pragmatic Bookshelf will teach you how to make your own online games with interactive examples.

You’ll learn programming using nothing more than a browser, and see 3D results as you type. The book — which isn’t just for kids — teaches real-world programming skills in a real programming language: JavaScript, the language of the web.

You’ll write games and simulations while learning programming fundamentals. You’ll use the ICE Code Editor, which was created especially for this book to make it easy for you to get started with JavaScript programming.

You’ll do hands-on coding in every chapter. With “3D Game Programming for Kids,” you’ll start by building simple animated shapes, then make your own player. You’ll learn how to build your own games from start to finish.

To understand some of the theory better or if you need some help with functions, you can turn to the chapters that explain the programming concepts. The book is available for e-readers in epub, mobi, and PDF formats direct from the publisher and in paperback. For more information about the book, including: code, errata, discussions, full table of contents, excerpts from the book and more, go to .

“3D Game Programming for Kids: Create Interactive Worlds With JavaScript” was written by Chris Strom. His books include “Dart for Hipsters,” “The SPDY Book,” and “Recipes with Backbone.” He has more than ten years of experience programming in Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, and http://tinyurl.com/lo2ssch .