PFiddlesoft has updated both of the PFiddlesoft Frameworks, the PFAssistive Framework and the PFEventTaps Framework. The PFiddlesoft Frameworks are two Cocoa frameworks for writing assistive applications for persons with disabilities using Apple’s Accessibility and Quartz Event Taps APIs [application programming interfaces] on Mac OS X.

The PFAssistive Framework was updated to version 3.3.0 and the PFEventTaps Framework was updated to version 1.3.6. The PFAssistive Framework now supports the new accessibility features added in Mavericks.

PFiddlesoft has also posted two free developer utility projects, Accessibility Testbench and PFAssistive Testbench, complete with source code. Both of these projects show developers how to implement the new security mechanism in OS X 10.9 Mavericks for granting access to assistive applications to monitor and control the computer using accessibility features.

The frameworks are written using Objective-C. They support the Intel 64-bit architecture using reference counted memory management or ARC. Developers can now license the PFiddlesoft Frameworks for distribution or use with their own products that use Apple’s Accessibility and Quartz Event Taps technologies. For more information, go to .