iEntertainment Network has introduced M4 Tank Brigade for Mac OS X. It’s a free online WW II tank game.

M4 Tank Brigade players can control up to four tanks, maneuver each for different combat missions, control airstrikes and artillery, jump between vehicles, and fight for battlefield dominance. And,they can kill PC users as often as they like.

Players can use the in-game tactical map to position each vehicle for tactical advantage, jump between vehicles to insure the player is always right in the action, call in Airstrikes and Artillery strikes on the enemy, and more.

This new Mac M4 product also enables Mac players to participate in MMO Combined Arms events where they can use airpower (P-51s, B-17s, etc.) to soften up an enemy field and then jump to their tanks, to take the ground battle right to the enemy. For more info go to .