eMedia Music has released eMedia Singing Method, software designed to help you improve your singing — or learn to sing.

eMedia’s new Interactive Feedback technology is more accurate and sensitive than ever before, according to Singing Method instructor Ory Brown. It actually listens as you sing and tells you whether you are singing too high, too low, or right in tune.

The built-in Performance Evaluation of eMedia iSinging Method will listen to you sing and give you specific feedback on mistakes, with an overall score for your performance. Over 230 step-by-step lessons start with basics such as proper singing technique, singing in time, and in tune. Further lessons cover projecting your voice, increasing your range, vocal agility, expression, and sight-reading.

The eMedia Singing Method DVD-ROM has an estimated retail price of US$59.95. It’s a hybrid DVD for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. For more info go to eMediaMusic.com .