As part of the Open Screen Project Adobe announced in January plans
to publish the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) specification,
which is designed for high-performance transmission of audio, video,
and data between Adobe Flash Platform technologies.

The documentation is now available and developers and companies who
want to utilize the open specification can access it at

RTMP is available as an open specification to create products and
technology that enable delivery of video, audio and data in the open
AMF, SWF, FLV and F4V formats compatible with Adobe Flash
Player. Developers and companies now have free and open access to the
documented RTMP specification so they can provide users with
optimized audio, video and data.

To benefit customers who want to protect their content, the open RTMP
specification won’tinclude Adobe’s technological measures to secure
content. However, developers will be free to use their own
technological measures to secure content. The RTMP specification
doesn’t provide any requirement or restrictions on a developer’s own
measures to secure content.

Providing developers and companies open and free access to RTMP is
one of the goals of the Open Screen Project, an industry-wide
initiative to enable the delivery of rich multi-screen experiences
built on a consistent runtime environment for web browsing and
standalone applications across personal computers, mobile devices,
and consumer electronics. For more information on the Open Screen
Project, please visit .

The Adobe Flash Platform is a system of integrated tools, frameworks,
clients and servers for the development of web applications, content
and video that runs across operating systems and devices. For more
information on the Adobe Flash Platform, please visit

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