Realore has announced Island Tribe 3 v.1.01, threequel in the popular time management series. The game is now available for free download from Tunes for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Here’s how the game is described: “The third installment in the Island Tribe series features improved graphics and game mechanics as well as a new story about another misfortunes that the settlers need to overcome. This time the story starts seemingly good. The islanders were lucky to return to their home island thanks to the Altar of Wishes.

“The threatening volcano became dormant, and they cheerfully started restoring the ruined villages. During the laborious process, the future Chief fell in love with a girl in the tribe. They decided to get married but the doors of the Ancient Temple turned out to be closed. In order to have a happily ever after, they needed to find the magic runes scattered all around the island. Nothing foreboded trouble, when the evil Sorcerer appeared out of nowhere, and stole the bride.

“Players’ mission is to save the Chief’s beloved one and find the magic runes. Throughout 44 levels set across 4 colorful episodes players will travel, collect various resources and repair totems. The paths are filled with various obstacles and dangerous animals.

“The gameplay is the balanced combination of classic time/resource management strategy with hidden object elements. Island Tribe 3 features bright colorful graphics and art design with attention to detail. The story can be enjoyed in 4 difficulty modes – hard, normal, easy and no time. Chaining of tasks is also possible.”

The iOS version is available at; the Mac version can be found at .